Proteus Controller Kit

Can I combine more than one kit and how many modules can you connect together?


Yes, you can connect up to 30 modules together and there is no limit on how many multiples of a single part you can have.

Can I have more than two Analog sticks?


Yes, you can have more than two analog sticks connected at a time. We have not yet defined if there will be a limit to this, but it will be at least 2 of each, i.e 2 left analog sticks and 2 right analog sticks connected at one time.

Do all components need to be connected together for them to work?


Each kit comes with at least one Power Cube. The Power Cube has the functionality to power and pair via Bluetooth, and you build your configuration around this.

Using co-pilot mode on Xbox and PC, you can combine up to 4 kits to work as one controller as long as you have one dongle and one Power Cube per controller.

Can I reprogram the controller?


No, as a Designed for Xbox product, this is not something that we can allow and we do not have plans to make this available.

We would like to offer a level of customisation through our app, if you have any requests for this functionality please reach out to us.

Can I swap out individual buttons?


You can swap peripherals onto any socket face of the controller but you cannot swap the individual buttons on the peripherals themselves.

Can I change the size of the buttons?


No, you cannot change the size of the buttons on the peripherals but we do offer a larger one-button module for those who cannot use small buttons. Each kit comes with two large one-button peripherals. 

We hope in the future to offer additional buttons and peripheral options.

What about stick drift?


You will be able to adjust the deadzones of your analog sticks and recalibrate your analog sticks and triggers using our companion software.

We are looking into adding hall effect analog sticks to the controller, see below.

Does the controller use hall effect sensors?


Yes! Based on community feedback we have added hall effect sensor analog sticks to the Analog Cubes :D

The triggers in the Proteus Controller do use hall effect sensors.

What buttons does the Proteus Controller come with?


The Proteus Controller comes with all of the standard buttons that you would find on an Xbox controller, plus some extra buttons.

This includes the standard inputs
- Dpad Peripheral (Up, Down, Left, Right)
- XYAB peripheral (X,Y,A,B)
- Left Trigger Peripheral (LB, LT)
- Right Trigger Peripheral (RB, RT)
- Xbox Home Peripheral (Xbox Button, View, Share, Menu)

Other Inputs
- Left Analog Cube with analog sticks built in (LS, L3)
- Right Anlog Cube with analog sticks built in (RS, R3)

Extra Peripherals
- One Button Peripheral (default to A, but can be remapped in the App)
- Mini Analog Stick (default to LS, L3, but can be remapped in the App)

Can you remove the analog sticks from the Analog Cubes?


No, the analog sticks are built into the analog cubes.

How long does it take to build a controller?


This depends on the individual and the configuration.

But, if you already know what you want to build, you can make a build in a couple of minutes and start playing. If you're building something new for the first time can take some time to figure out where you want all of the buttons, but that is the fun part!

How long does it take to get used to a controller?


Again, this depends on the individual and the configuration.

If you're building a configuration in a way that you're already used to, then you should pick it up pretty quick!

Generally, we usually see that it takes our testers about an hour to get used to a new configuration enough to feel like they're getting good enough play through a game. But it would take a couple of weeks to feel really comfortable, and 'get good' with a new setup.

We recommend that when you get a controller you keep an open mind and try to get out of your comfort zone, it will be worth it! If you already play games before getting the controller we also recommend trying the controller on a slow-paced game that you are already familiar with so you are not trying to learn a new game and a new controller at the same time!

Some good games to start with are party games, racing games, or other non-competitive games. It can be a bit much to jump into a hyper competitive game with something you're not used to, but you do you!

Can I build the controller using one hand?


Generally yes, you can build the controller using one hand but it depends on your strength and dexterity. It does take some strength and dexterity to unlock the switch on the body modules, but we are working to improve this and we may provide a tool to help. The peripheral buttons snap on and off very easily and require minimal strength to move around.

How do the buttons remember their inputs?


Each peripheral module has its own memory and it remembers what input it has been mapped to. So if you move your peripherals around they will still be mapped to the inputs that you set in the app or their default inputs.

How can I tell which module is which?


The user guide will explain what each module is.

What disabilities does the Proteus Controller work best for?


The Proteus Controller works well for one-handed gamers, gamers with chronic pain and generally anyone who is still able to press standard buttons and inputs, but who find the layout of standard controllers problematic or cannot hold a controller.

If you're not sure if the Proteus Controller will work for you please reach out and we can try to help :)

I am not sure if the Proteus Controller will work for me, how do I know if it will? 


The first iteration of the Proteus Controller is made to fit the gap in the current market of accessible gaming for those who want a compact solution but still find a standard controller difficult to use.

Generally, if you do not have the strength or dexterity to push small buttons, move a large analog stick, or need to spread your controller out over a large area, then you may have difficulties with using just the Proteus Controller on its own in it's current state. We are working on new modules and peripherals to solve this issue.

However, you can combine the Proteus Controller with the Xbox Adaptive Controller using Co-pilot and any hardware that connects to the Xbox Adaptive Controller to find a solution. We will provide some examples of this soon.

Has the Proteus Controller been tested with Disabled Gamers?


Yes, our team has been testing the Proteus Controller with disabled gamers since day one. We started with 3D printing configurations and sending them out to testers all the way up to our current prototypes.

(Thanks to all of our amazing community members and testers who have helped shape the design of the controller 🙂)

What are the socket and plug covers?


The Socket and Plug Covers are plastic parts that protect the sockets and plug faces of the controller when they are not covered. This ensures that there is no connection issues if you accidentally touch one of these faces. They also make the controller more ergonomic and feel better in your hands. We recommend that you do not play without Socket Covers on any exposed Socket Face.

Can you mount the controller, and what kinds of mounts are compatible?


Yes, we have developed a mount peripheral that will allow you to mount your controller. This mount takes a 1/4 thread. We will be sharing more details soon.

Does the Proteus Controller have rumble or haptic feedback?


No, the Proteus controller does not have rumble or haptic feedback. The size of the controller meant that we could not add rumble motors, but we may build a module in the future that connects to the controller to allow for rumble.

Does the controller have an audio jack?


No, the Proteus controller does not have an audio jack. The size of the controller meant that we could not add an audio jack. You will not be able to use headphones that use an audio jack with the Proteus Controller, you will need to use headphones that connect directly to the console or PC.

In the future we may build a module that allows you to connect a mic or headphones

Does the controller have impulse triggers?


No, the Proteus Controller does not have impulse triggers.

Can I just buy the components I need instead of the full kit?


Not at first, but maybe in the future. We have designed the components in the kits to give you the best opportunity to find a configuration that works for you, but please reach out if there is something specific you are looking to build and we can try and help you 😊


What platforms does the Proteus Controller work on?


Xbox Series X|S
Windows 10/11
Xbox One

Will the Proteus Controller work on Playstation 5 or Nintendo Switch?


At launch the Proteus Controller will not work on Playstation 5 or Nintendo Switch.

It is very important to us to be officially licensed with console companies to ensure a seamless user experience and so that we can ensure the longevity of the controller.

We would love to partner with these platforms in the future! 🤞

Will the Proteus Controller work on Steamdeck?


We can't verify just yet, but hopefully! 🤞

If this is something important to you, please reach out and we can give some more info.

Software & App

Can I remap the buttons?


Yes, you can remap your buttons using the Proteus Controller companion app.

You should also be able to use other software, remap straight on PC and Xbox, or on Steam etc, but the Proteus Controller software will give you the most options.

Can I save Game Profiles?


Yes, you can save game profiels to the companion app and they will be linked to your saved configurations.

You cannot save game profiles to the Proteus Controller itself, but we are working on a solution that will allow you to upload game profiles from the app straight onto your controller.

Can I customize the LEDs?


Yes, you can change the LED colour to any RGB value and you can also adjust the brightness.

Battery and Charging

What is the the battery life?


We are still working on optimising battery life so we cannot say for sure what the battery life will be.

What we do know is that the battery life will depend on how many components you have connected to a single Power Cube. Connecting multiple power cubes to your configuration will increase your battery life.

Is the Proteus Controller wired or wireless?


The Proteus Controller is wireless to the Xbox and PC via the Bluetooth dongle provided in each kit. There is no wired communication to console or PC for gaming, the controller does connect to the app via USB cable to a desktop.

What is the battery type?


Each Power Cube has a 3.7 V lithium polymer (LiPo) battery rated for a capacity of 760 mAh

Does the Proteus Controller use USB-C charging?


Yes, each kit also comes with a 2.5-meter USB-C charging cable.

Can I play while charging?


Yes, you can use the Proteus Controller while it is charging.

Can you replace the batteries?


No, you cannot replace the batteries. The battery is in the very centre of the Power Cube, so to remove it you would have to take the controller apart. We did this to keep the size of the Cubes themselves as small as possible, if we designed the Power Cubes so that the battery was removable, all of the Cubes would have to be much much larger and you would not be able to build a compact controller.

Connection to device

How does the Proteus Controller connect to console and PC?


The Proteus Controller connects to Xbox and PC via the USB Dongle provided in the kit.

Does my PC need Bluetooth to use the Proteus Controller?


No, your PC does not need to have Bluetooth to use the Proteus Controller because you can plug in a USB dongle.

3D Printing, Developing & Other Questions

How do I make the Proteus Controller work for my game / How do I build my game for the Proteus Controller?


Because the Proteus Controller is a Designed for Xbox controller, it will work like any Xbox Series controller with your game, so it should be the exact same process as developing for an Xbox Controller. We have tested the Proteus Controller on Unity and it reads in inputs just like any other gamepad.

If there is anything in particular that you would like us to test for you please reach out and let us know.

Will I be able to repair the Proteus Controller myself?


No, but there may be potential in the future to purchase individual components should a single component of your kit break.  

Is the controller open source?


We will be making the mechanical parts of the controller open source to allow people to 3D print custom components for their controllers. The software will not be open source.

Can I download files to 3D print my own parts?


Yes, we will be providing the source files for the connection mechanisms and the analog stick connector.

We will also be providing some example files of handles, mounts and analog sticks to get you started.We would like to develop our software to allow you to add custom parts to your configuration in a 3D space before ordering or downloading your 3D printed parts, to see how they look.

Will I have to pay for 3D print files?


For now, no, because we are still testing. But maybe in the future.

How can I clean the Proteus Controller?


The controller can be cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol wipes. We do not recommend that you clean the controller with water as this could get inside the device and can damage the electronics of the socket faces. We are unsure if any other cleaning products would damage the controller and we are currently working on more information for this.

If you are in a hospital setting and require the use of certain cleaning products, please reach out and let us know and we can try and test this to get you an answer. 


When will the Proteus Controller ship?


Our goal is Fall/Autumn 2024 but this is subject to change.

Where can I buy the Proteus Controller when it launches?


The Proteus Controller will be available to purchase from our own website and some retailers. More information will be provided soon on which retailers. 

What is the benefit of Preodering vs waiting for release?


You're getting a lower price when you preorder, and you're also getting one of the first units.

We are not sure when we will have units available direct to consumer, and preoder may be the only way to get a Proteus Controller in the next 9-12 months.

Still have questions? Contact Us or email us at info@byowave.com

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