Software Features Highlight

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March 29, 2024
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Software Features Highlight

We started developing the Proteus Controller in June 2020 and our first approach was to start speaking to the community to understand the issues they were having with the gaming hardware they were currently using.

We spoke with a wide range of disabled and non-disabled gamers, professionals in the space, such as occupational therapists, and gaming specialists in Children’s Hospitals in the US (yes, that’s a real job and it’s super cool!) and parents and carers of disabled gamers. The main focus of these discussions to begin with was the hardware, but we started to see a pattern with these groups.

For the people who were working directly with disabled gamers, we found that there was no easy way to share the work that people were doing in this space. For example, if someone had created an epic set-up there was no quick and easy way to share that with a colleague and there were limited online resources to help you find a solution. These groups either had to make their communities made up of local clusters, or work alone. 

For others, the problem was the simple lack of online resources. They would google their specific use case, and find little to help them find a solution. It took a significant amount of time and research before they were able to find something that may work for them or the person they were trying to assist if they were able to find something at all. That might not be a challenge for those who are tech-savvy, or who have a good knowledge of gaming already, but for those without that level of knowledge, it can be overwhelming and seem impossible.

So, we quickly learned that the community needed a quick, easy and most importantly, simple way to find a controller that worked for them and be able to share that with others. 

From our early research, at least 60% of the people we spoke to were currently using remapping software, so we also knew this was something that we wanted to provide with the Proteus Controller.

With all of this feedback, we knew that developing custom software for the Proteus Controller was very important to us, ensuring you have complete control over your controller configurations, all conveniently in one place. 

Here's a sneak peek at some of the features our companion software will offer

Button Remapping

 Customize every button to suit your preferences using our intuitive software.

Analog Stick Directional Control

With the freedom to move your analog sticks in any direction, it's crucial to tailor them to your liking. Our software allows you to choose from 8 different angles, letting you position your analog sticks exactly how you want on your controller, and make sure that you can be as accurate as possible mid-game. 

Analog Calibration & Deadzones

Make sure you’re always on-point with your aim with the ability to recalibrate your analog sticks and triggers and with the ability to customise your deadzones on your analog sticks

LED Personalization

Infuse your controller with personality by adjusting the color and brightness of the LEDs to match your style.

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Saving and Sharing your configurations

This is probably the coolest feature we are developing! The Proteus Controller already knows how it has been put together, so we can take that information and use it to create a 3D version of your controller in our software.

This was an important feature for a few reasons

  1. Because everyone’s controller is different, it would be tricky to create a standard User Interface (UI) that made it easy to remap your buttons. If you’re trying to remap your A button on your XYAB peripheral, but you have 2 XYAB peripherals connected to your controller, how will you know which one is which from a drop-down list? You wouldn’t! So we need to show you exactly which one you are remapping!
  2. We wanted a way to allow you to save your configurations and share them with the community. With this feature, the app will save the 3D configuration to your profile so you can share it with others, or save it for later.

When you connect to the app the software will automatically render your controller exactly as you have it, and it will update automatically. From here you will be able to do all of the functionality mentioned above, but also save and share your configurations!

And of course, our software will have accessibility settings to ensure everyone can have access!

We will be updating our blog when we have more information to share (and some new UI designs), but be sure to join our Discord where you can chat directly with the team and share your feedback!

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