ByoWave's Trip to Japan

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March 25, 2024
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ByoWave's Trip to Japan

In February, the ByoWave team embarked on an incredible journey spanning over 9,000 kilometers from Ireland to Japan, embarking on an adventure of a lifetime! 🌏 Our mission? To connect with accessible eSports groups and engage in some super fun gaming sessions using our groundbreaking Proteus Controller.

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After dedicating the past four years to developing the Proteus Controller, showcasing it to a new audience was both exciting and nerve-wracking. Yet, we received an amazing response, along with invaluable feedback, fueling our passion to continue innovating and improving. 🎮💡

Testing and Feedback

During these sessions, we had a mix of testers, including eSports players seeking solutions to issues with standard controllers. Some required triggers to be easier to reach, while others needed 3D-printed joysticks for improved maneuverability. Additionally, some testers explored splitting their controller using co-pilot mode on Xbox and PC.

What stood out was how people came together to find solutions using the Proteus Controller. One of the most enjoyable parts was experimenting with different configurations. We met some one-handed gamers and tried out a range of one-handed controllers for different games. The room buzzed with excitement as everyone tested each other’s configurations!

For some testers, gaming seemed like a distant dream due to their disabilities. However, with the Proteus Controller, they found configurations that enabled them to play again! This heartwarming experience reinforces our commitment to accessibility in gaming.

Continuing Collaboration

Moving forward, we will continue collaborating with ePara in Tokyo and the accessible eSports Society in Osaka. Our goal is to ensure these communities can continue using the Proteus Controller and spread the word to the accessible gaming community in Japan.

We extend our gratitude to Jetro and everyone involved in orchestrating this unforgettable trip. We eagerly anticipate our return, armed with new insights and strengthened connections. 🙌🛫

The journey from Ireland to Japan wasn’t just about covering miles; it was about bridging gaps, empowering individuals, and making gaming truly inclusive. Our adventure underscores the transformative power of technology and the profound impact it can have on people's lives. As we continue our quest, one thing remains clear: the future of gaming is accessible, and ByoWave is leading the charge!

We will be updating our blog when we have more information to share (and some new UI designs), but be sure to join our Discord where you can chat directly with the team and share your feedback!

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