What Makes Proteus the Ultimate Adaptable Controller?

The Proteus controller is a fully modular, accessible, and customizable video game controller kit that includes everything you need to create your own gaming experience. It allows you to create any shape controller you want for your specific gaming needs.

Because the Proteus Controller isn’t pre-made, you’ll never be bound with a design that doesn’t work for you. It can be modified at any time! It is entirely adjustable! Thanks to its Lego-like feature, you can build till you are content.

Gaming is always changing, so why should your controller be any different?

Change your controller style to better suit the games you are playing

Proteus is not exclusive to persons with one type of disability; it can help many people with a variety of mobility limitations. Adjust your controller style to suit the games you’re playing! There is no need to purchase any additional parts because everything is included in the kit, and you can combine different parts from different kits.

Share your way – Submit your own configurations to the Proteus app and 3D controller builder to share them with the community.

Remappable – For even more customization, use the Proteus app to remap your buttons. Save button combinations and have many types, such as double-pressing a button for a different input.

Wireless – Proteus communicates with the device you’re using via Bluetooth. The controller is currently compatible with PC, iOS, Android, and Xbox, with more console compatibility coming soon.

Let’s have a look at the Proteus Controller Features

  • Connects modules together at 12 different angles
  • USB-C wired communication and charging
  • BLE Bluetooth communication to the device
  • Bluetooth communication between mother cubes – allows users to use like ‘joy-cons’ etc.
  • Customizable LED per female connector
  • Batteries can join together through mother cubes
  • Connects to App over BLE simultaneously with

The starter package:

Two mother cubes are included in each kit. The Mother cube houses the battery and electronics, and it connects to the device either by Bluetooth or a USB-C cable, depending on your desire. A mother cube is required for each combination.

Each mother cube has one male connector and 5 female connectors. the controller is built by connecting the cubes together (male to female) in 12 different rotations. the switch must be flicked, which keeps the connections stable and strong.

Peripherals can be added on, which are the buttons required to play. The peripherals magnetically connect to the female faces of the cubes and spacer. The plug peripherals have no electronics, they are just used to cover the female faces of the cubes for increased ergonomics and aesthetics. Once the configuration is created press the sync button to sync the controller in its configuration so that it will work properly. Then you can connect the controller via Bluetooth or USB-C to a device like they would any other controller

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