Company Name: ByoWave (Capital B and capital W)

Product Name: Proteus Controller OR Proteus Controller Kit

Website: byowave.io

Release Dates:
Summer 2022 (Now Live)

Full Release: Q1/Q2 2023

Regular Price: $249 (subject to change)

Pre-Sale Price: $199 (subject to change)

Compatibility: Connects via bluetooth to PX, iOS and Android.

More info coming soon on Xbox compatibility

Executive Team:

Brandon Blacoe – CEO & Founder

Eibhlin O’Riordan – CMO & Founding Team member

Ronan Murphy – COO

Company Location: Galway, Ireland

Full-time staff: 5

Company Overview

ByoWave engineers solutions for gamers to take back control. The first step in our mission to smash the barriers to the digital world is the Proteus Controller ecosystem. The Proteus Controller is a modular and accessible controller kit that enables the user to build and rebuild their way to play. Our companion software allows for advanced customisation and performance and encourages a community of gamers and makers to build their own solutions for the problem of inaccessibility in accessing the digital world.

The Proteus Controller

The Proteus Controller is like Lego for video game controllers! It is a kit made up of modular parts that easily connect together using our patent-pending connection mechanism. With just one kit you can build over 100 million configurations. Each kit comes with everything you need to play, plus 6 extra buttons.

Sharing with the community

The Proteus controller can be built and rebuilt over and over into any configuration you want. You can also share your custmom controller configurations with the community. In order to share your configuration, you can either build your controller online, or upload your configuration using the Proteus Companion Phone app. The controller knows how it is built which makes it super easy to share your configurations with the community! You can then tag your controller with relevant information so others can try out your controller. Our advanced AI matchmaker can 

3D Printing Marketplace

The cusomization and sharing does not stop there! We are open sourcing our connection mechanisms so that players can 3D print custom parts for the Proteus Controller and share them with the community. Our online controller builder will allow you to create or upload models for 3D printing which you can then order from us, or 3D print yourself at home (if you’re cool enough to have a 3D printer!). You can then share your 3D files with the community who can 3D print and add them to their Proteus Controller.

Features of the Proteus Controller

  • Mother Cube – The only rule to building your Proteus Controller is that it must have at least one Mother Cube. The Mother Cube is the brain of the controller, it contains all of the electronics which powers and connects the device. 
  • Build and Rebuild – Build and rebuild your controller over and over again. Try out different configurations until you find the perfect one, or use different configurations for different games to optimize your gaming experience and performance.
  • Combine Kits – Purchase multiple kits and combine them together.
  • Battery Stacking – The more mother cubes you have in a configuration the longer your battery life will be.
  • Split up your controller – Mother cubes can MODULAR wirelessly to each other, this means that you can split up your controller configuration (like Nintendo Switch joy-cons) and have it work as one controller. You can use two hands seperately, or you can use your head, or your foot, give one half to your little brother because he won’t stop annoying you, whatever you like!
  • USB Type C – Connect and charge with USB Type C connection
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection – Each Mother Cube has bluetooth connection which connects wirelessly to PC, iOS and Android (more information coming soon about Xbox compatibility)
  • Remap your buttons – Connect to the companion phone app to remap your buttons, save game profiles and add button macros.

What’s included?

Body Modules

  • Mother Cube x2
  • Analog Cube x2
  • Edge Cube x1
  • Spacer x1
Peripheral Buttons
  • Home Button / Five Button Module x1
  • Four Button Module x1
  • Left Trigger Module x1
  • Right Trigger Module x1
  • Two Button Module x1
  • One Button Module x1
Peripheral Extras
  • Plugs x3
  • Left and Right Handles x1
*Subject to change

Parts Breakdown

Mother CubeThe Mother Cube is the brain of the controller, it contains all of the electronics that power and connect the device. Each kit needs at least one Mother Cube.

Analog Cube: Each analog cube contains a left or right analog stick, which can be remapped depending on your controller configuration. 

Edge Cube: This Cube allows you to angle body modules or peripherals to make the perfect controller shape.

Spacer: Spacers allow you to space out your body modules or peripherals, perfect for those with larger hands or if you want to spread your controller over a larger area.

Peripherals: Peripherals magnetically snap onto any female side of the body modules. 

Plugs: Plugs cover any female side of the face that you are not using. In the future you will be able to add custom decals to your plugs.

Handles:  Handles can be added to any female side of a body module for improved grip and ergonomics. Handles can also be 3D printed to fit your hand shape.

Product Timeline

May – August 2022: Summer Pre-Sale campaign – Pre order one of the first 2k units of the Proteus Controller

December 2022: Summer Pre-sales sent out to customers

Q1/Q2 2023: Full release of the Proteus Controller!

*Subject to change

Product Renders

Proteus Controller Kit
Store Mockup
Two Handed Configuration
Table Top Configuration
One Handed Configuration
Mother Cube


ByoWave Logo (Main)
ByoWave Logo - Proteus Mascot Version
Proteus Controller Product Logo (Black)
Proteus Controller Product Logo (White)

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